Do you want to have more control over conversation?

Have you Tried new bluetooth technology to gather sound?
How about speech to text? Text to Speech? 
Or do you use a Pen and Paper?

We want to help you to create beautiful relationships with your family and friends. Please take 5 minutes to answer a couple questions to help us connect communities.

You DO NOT have to tell us your name. Only if you choose to do so.
Do you wear... *
Please check all that apply
How likely would you be to... *
How likely would you be to...
Wear an earpiece?
Give a microphone to your friends and family to use?
Put devices around your home to pick up sound?
Type text into an app on your phone to speak to someone else?
Purchase a wearable to see localization of sound without using your phone?
Purchase a mobile application to see localization of sound?
How would you prefer to communicate?
How would you prefer to communicate?
Interpreter / Sign Language
Speech to Text
Write it down
Take pictures of visuals
Please select one that apply's to you *
If you chose other for any of the questions please explain.
Do you have any questions for us?