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Deaf and Hard of Hearing, ADHD, + Beyond

Our product has been designed for people that are deaf, hard of hearing, and have ADHD. Around the world there are 360 million people that are deaf according to the World Health Organization. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Organization this includes 15% of children in the United States. . Those that go without intervention are estimated to fall 1 to 4 grades behind.

According to CHADD - The National Resource Institute on ADHD, 8.8% of children in the United States have been diagnosed with ADHD. It also affects 4.4% of adults. These numbers account for about 5.1 million children ages 4-17 and 13 million adults and many adults have not been diagnosed.



FreeBell is a wearable device that locates sound in relation to the person wearing the device and mobile application. Sound is processed and output as vibration on different sides of the body to correspond with the direction of sound. The direction and captions are also displayed on a desktop and mobile application. The wire-frame shown on the right is an example of our display to date.

Our product is evolving and in development. We are in the process of testing where our wearable should be worn for the best benefits and easy for the consumer to introduce into their lifestyle.

Below are some photos of the sketches and 3D products we have been working on.

When, Where & Why

FreeBell can be used while learning, communicating in groups, or in a controlled environment. Our team at Olive Devices has learned from customer feedback that paying attention in groups and following conversations is very difficult when you don't know where sounds are coming from. This often leads to auditory fatigue and when missing information in important situations like at school, a work meeting, or the doctor's office. This could hinder educational, social, and professional development. For people with increased distractibility, the vibration of the device can assist in pulling a day dreamer back from their dreams and to the conversation around them.