4 Billion people not connected to the world of the internet? Not a problem!

As part of the second week of #olivecares we are featuring another social enterprise but shifting the focus to technology.

While in Paris at Viva Technology I happened to stumble upon the end of an investor pitch by the company Be-Bound. Listening to the question and answer, hearing “..WiFi..remote areas of Africa... Southeast Asia”, including digitizing the entire country of Bangladesh. With our passion and research to bridge the gap of inequality and Olive Devices’ end goal to provide our IoT (internet of things) device to developing areas, we quickly realized Be-Bound was a company we needed to know and we were very interested in learning about what they were creating.

Be-Bound, in their own words, is a “purpose-driven technology”. 

Being acknowledged in multiple magazines and by many Technology experts for creating ‘frugal innovation’ we would say “purpose” doesn’t even begin to express the accessibility and growth they’re providing 4 Billion people.
It is hard to ignore that the majority of our world is being controlled by the internet and having access to the Internet of Things creates a whole other meaning for accessibility. Be-bound bridges a divide amongst the world, countries, communities, and individuals. They’re providing mobile internet to any IoT capable device to stay connected through the rural areas of the world. Be-Bound’s compression allows any smartphone or IoT device to stay connected no matter the network (from WiF/4G/3G down to 2G-SMS) and  they are not giving up quality since it works whether the the network is saturated or weak! 

CEO and Founder, Albert Szulman, from France, set his sights on creating a company that
“Connect[ed] everyone, everywhere, NOW, to the mobile Internet.” In order to connect the other 4 Billion people around the world without access, Be-Bound provides ‘affordable connectivity’ through an inclusive, revenue sharing model, and is increasing local content abroad by opening access to their Android Development Kit (SDK) to IoT and App developers around the world. This Frugal innovation is what has set Be-Bound apart. The startup was featured in GQ last year, and they won French Startup of the year in April of 2016 for their unique approach to connecting the world. Be-Bound was welcomed by the United States as the first non-US startup to work at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in Palo Alto, California.

From California, to Paris, to Versailles, and Algiers, Be-Bound invites all developers to join the development to bridge the gap. Their  N4B platform  will allow you to get your own apps up and running even WITHOUT THE INTERNET! Find out what all the connected talk is about!

Join the mission and make your truly ‘worldwide’ connection today!


Stay connected,

         Renee Kakareka