Change is one of the few constants of life. Despite this many people (myself included) have a very hard time dealing with it. You cannot really blame people either. It can be hard to know what to do and it is hard to find people who can give you good advice. Nowhere is change more intimidating than in our careers. We spend a huge chunk of our life at work, and unless you are independently wealthy we all need work to maintain our quality of life. This can make career changes rather terrifying. This can be doubly true for women, who still get paid less, face all sorts of discrimination, as well as a glass ceiling that still exists despite millions of little cracks.

That is the kind of challenge that Landit is trying to take head on. Founded in 2014 by Lisa Skeete Tatum, a Harvard M.B.A and former venture capitalist, it is a service that aims to be the “playbook” for professional women who want to advance their career and make major changes. These changes could be trying to move on after feeling stuck in a certain position, trying to advice through the ranks, re-entering the workforce, or just navigating all the small changes and challenges that happen in people’s careers.

After someone signs up for Landit, they then take an assessment. This asks about the person’s career and personal life. This allows Landit to make recommendations about opportunities that align with the user’s personal and professional goals. Landit also provides tools to help women create a strong personal brand to make sure you always have your best foot forward publicly. They will also review your resume and biography for free so the user is always ready for the next career opportunity. In addition, Landit will coach women, providing advice and helping them create a personal board of advisors.

Landit is providing tools that can help women navigate the challenges of professional change. Hopefully this will help women advance through the workforce so that they can get the professional representation and treatment in the workforce that they deserve. If this can become reality, then we will all be better off.