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Photo Credit: Charity Charge

Photo Credit: Charity Charge

Many of us have credit cards and use them on a daily basis to buy a whole bunch of things. We generally do not think much about it. We just buy, pay the bill at the end of the month, and repeat. You might earn some type of points or rewards too, but that is the extent of the average person’s excitement about using a credit card. People generally do not like their credit card companies very much either. Many Americans have a low opinion of credit card companies and banks in general.

However, there is one social enterprise that is trying to change that whole model. Charity Charge is a new kind of credit card from a new kind of company. They offer a credit card that earns 1% cash back, but instead of it going to you, it goes to the charity of your choice as a tax deductible donation. What is even better is that you still get some of the standard credit card benefits such as extended warranties, price protection, and more.

According to the company, $16 billion in credit card rewards goes unused every year. But with Charity Charge that cashback will go to a deserving charity instead of just sitting in your account being forgotten. Per their website, you can choose “literally any nonprofit or school in the country” as the beneficiary of your spending. Then you can track your impact on the nonprofit over time on Charity Charge’s website. They also ensure that 100% of your donation goes to the nonprofit by underwriting all processing fees, which typically eat up 3-5% of every donation. Charity Charge is another great example of new businesses trying to tackle social issues through new and innovative business models.  

Have you been looking for a way to give back? Go to www.charitycharge.com and get your Charity Charge Card today!



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