#OliveFamily: We Create for YOU

At Olive Devices we dare to create innovative products that can give people superpowers. Our device is user friendly and has an iconic identity. Our team has values that are always in mind while we create and make choices based on your experiences. We believe that we will make a difference for you! We feel that there is no middle ground in making a great product. There are no compromises while we develop a device of high quality. Our team is devoted to giving you a device that works best for you.

We strive to innovate and use emerging technology so that it proves that it is useful and not distracting. In order to accomplish this, we spend endless hours rethinking our design to reach the best user interface and take every point of view into account. Our designs are made to be reliable and we target excellence in all the steps of our design. We want you to trust our product at every moment of your life. Here at Olive Devices we test every design in depth and make modifications until we deliver to you the best craftsmanship possible.

So when you are using our devices you only can focus on the most important thing, what you are creating, what you want to share, what you experience.


Adrien Courdavault