#OliveSavvy: Peace of Mind (And Heart) for the Independent User - HeartIn

This week at Olive Devices, we our them is #Independence! For our #OliveSavvy post, we want to focus on company that we believe, like us, helps provide independence for those who need it most.

Some people like to wear their hearts on their sleeves. For this week’s #OliveSavvy post, we want to highlight a wearable assistive medical device that allows something along those lines. HeartIn is a portable, ultra-miniature, personal electrocardiograph that users can wear on the go. By connecting the device to an Internet PC or smartphone, the user gains on the spot 24 hour access to a network cardiologist. Through this pocket-sized device, you can monitor your heart at all times, whether it’s just to stay on top of your health or prevent a life-threatening situation.

When a heart attack is experienced, the blood vessels that help the heart begin to turn destructive. The turn around for stopping this process is not long - about an hour max. Damaged heart muscles and vessels can be restored if treatment takes place with this “Golden Hour.” And that’s why HeartIn is so important. Within minutes, HeartIn can summon a certified cardiologist or ambulance. Sometimes, it’s hard to know when someone collapses if an ambulance is needed or not, but since HeartIn directly monitors the heart, the user can now have the insight to what’s going on. So, not only can HeartIn save lives in severe situations, but it can also save users from expensive hospital trips in confusing situations.

The HeartIn Device fits into a small pocket and weighs virtually nothing. It also comes with wires and sensors to be used when the device is deployed. Network cardiologists are armed with full 12-lead electrocardiography data they can read remotely. By hooking up the sensors to your torso, you have saved yourself a trip through traffic to the doctor’s office. A cardiologist can perform a diagnostic on you without you ever having to leave your home.

How do cardiologists monitor the heart? According to HeartIn, “the heart is a muscular pump made of four chambers that fire through critical electrical signals which the cardiologist monitors to keep track of heart health and diagnose heart disease.” It’s important to get as many readings as possible to look for patterns among heartbeats and rhythms. Once those are established, cardiologists can look for various heart conditions. For example, a heart typically beats in a steady rhythm. An ECG can reveal if the heart is beating out of rhythm or sequence.

What I love about HeartIn is that it is does exactly what I believe medical tech should do; it improves communication. Not only is it a way to check your ECG, but it also has a built in messaging system in which you can ask your cardiologist just about anything. At Olive Devices, we are striving to provide independence through assistive medical devices that will strengthen our community. HeartIn does just that. Every person should have easy access to heart assistance without needing to jump through hoops to get it. Every person should be able to have this access independently, so they can live their life without worry. HeartIn is exactly the kind of device we love to promote in our #OliveSavvy posts because its revolutionary technology that can bring real change, which what’s at the heart of successful med-tech companies.


                     Molly Oretsky

                     Molly Oretsky