#OliveCares: Changing the World Together - The Starkey Hearing Foundation

“Alone we can’t do much. Together we can change the world.”

That is a quote from William F. Austin the founder of the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Austin started the Foundation in 1984 and has been bringing the gift of hearing to the people in need for almost 3 decades. Since its founding in 1984, the Foundation has supplied more than 1.9 hearing aids in over 100 different countries.

The Starkey Hearing Foundation pledged in 2010 to donate another 1 million hearing aids by the end of the decade. While giving the gift of hearing to people of need sounds great already, I find the 3 phase model that the foundation has developed to make sure that the gift lasts even more astounding.

Phase 1: This phase includes meeting and training the local community health workers. Next they start to identify and give primary care services to potential candidates for hearing aids.

Phase 2: The Starkey Hearing Foundation fits the hearing aids to the qualified candidates. They then train hearing aid recipients, teacher and student ambassadors to use and care for the new hearing device. Instructions and care for the device are always given and program teams are selected and trained.

Phase 3: The Starkey Hearing Foundation supports their mission as a whole because it sets up a common place to get your device fixed as well as get batteries. Using this 3 phase model, The Starkey Hearing Foundation ensures that the precious gift they are providing with millions will be lasting.

Here at Olive Devices our mission is to #CreateChangeThatLasts. We look up to the Starkey Hearing Foundation and hope to continue their cause in our own way. Our assistive devices will be accessible to everyone as we, like the Starkey Hearing Foundation, see the lack of options for millions of people that are deaf or hard of hearing. We also will have our own plan to make sure that everyone who gets a pair of our glasses will have the help and support they need to use the device for many years. Only through supporting each other and working together can we change the world.

The OI (Original Intern),

Richard Stone