#OliveFamily: The First Intern

Renee and I first met when we were assigned to a week long sprint design challenge. She was the senior design student of the group and I was one of two sophomore designers. We were on a team of five tasked with creating a conceptual line of speakers. During our first introductions I learned how Renee had this crazy idea of starting her own assistive devices company. This company that Renee spoke of was  to aid deaf and hard of hearing children. Early in the project she talked about assembling her own team to kick start this crazy new company, I knew I wanted an internship for the summer, and this is when I saw my opportunity. I specifically remember talking to her later that day suggesting the idea of a gung-ho, happy go lucky, get you coffee, do whatever you need, design intern for her new company.

For the remainder of the project I was determined to be the first one to the studio in the morning, the last one to leave at night, in order to show Renee my work ethic. On the first day of this mission I got up at 7:30AM and was at the studio ready to work by 8:00AM, at that point Renee had already worked on our project for an hour and was on her way to the gym and I was in shock. I did not give up my pursuit of showing Renee the drive inside me and my passion for design, keeping the possibility of getting an internship in the back of my head. Six months later, I’m sitting in an office writing a blog post for that crazy idea of a company Renee created, and I have not lost the drive to beat Renee to the office (which is almost impossible).

I have learned so much during my time working with Renee and the rest of the #Olivefamily at Olive Devices. I will never forget being the only one in town over spring break and having to give a high level presentation to get Olive Devices a spot in the Angel Venture Fair in Philadelphia. I was terrified and I locked myself in my bedroom and went through the presentations until I got it perfect. Since then I have learned about finding the perfect startup space, making a comprehensive brand image, understanding patents, and so much more. Everyday I come into the office, usually just seconds after Renee and I know I am going to be challenged to learn or do something new.  I know that no matter what my tasks are I will always complete them because I love what I do for Olive Devices.  I know everything I do has an impact and pushes Renee’s crazy idea closer to becoming a life changing device.


Richard Stone