#OliveCares: Improving a Community - Autism Village

At Olive Devices we proudly work for a purpose to serve the community because #OliveCares. We are inspired by all the fantastic projects that help people and create a positive impact. Today we would like to share the great idea behind Autism Village.

Autism Village is a project that started in 2015 from the idea of Topher Wurts who wanted to centralize information to find 'Autism Friendly' places and services for people with autism like his son Kirby.

It's important to note that it's difficult to find places that accommodate to specific diets, or are not over stimulating depending on the sensitivity of the person with autism. Having advice and reviews about places available to family and friends in an instant is great when traveling or moving to a new place.

The Community Application

In order to achieve that goal Topher Wurts created the kickstater project on the 10th of March 2015, and received the approval of many backers right away.

The application can be used to refer and rate places on their “autism friendliness” like restaurants, museums, and so on. The content it generated by the community, which is quite big. A great presentation of the app is available here. The app is now available for Android and iOs Devices, and has been recognized as an official TripAdvisor app.

Being Autism Friendly

But the project does not stop there, in order to improve the quality of service of a business, Autism Village also developed a program to receive specific training and information. In the end a business can get certified, and is recorded in the app displaying a badge. Information here: http://www.autismfriendly.com .

It is fantastic to see what this project has become today and how it can help so many people. Currently, in the US, 1 child out of every 42 is on the autism spectrum. This idea is a wonderful gift to our community and @oLIVE_Devices wishes the best to @Autism_Village_and their future projects.


Adrien Courdavault