Cochlear Implant Awareness Week

Here at Olive Devices we are in the process of developing smart glasses to enhance the learning of students.  Renee Kakareka CEO/Founder of Olive Devices is very passionate about the deaf and hard of hearing community.  She began learning sign language at the age 7 and has not slowed down since.  At first, the device was initially geared towards strengthening the communication of individuals that are deaf and hard of hearing.  However, while brainstorming, researching markets, and getting customer feedback, we have found application in other special education fields.  The mobile application will also reinforce the relationship and communication between students, parents, and teachers.

Last week we had the privilege of visiting Clarke School for Hearing and Speech.  We had the opportunity  go behind the scenes and witness the magic of their teaching strategies.  Clarke is incredibly thorough and the program in which they provide to their students is breath-taking.  The passion that the directors and educators displayed is inspirational.  While meeting with the director and developmental associate at Clarke we learned that Governor Tom Wolf has proclaimed Pennsylvania to be the 3rd state to celebrate Cochlear Implant Awareness Week!! Boom!!  Cochlear Implant Awareness Week is July 31st thru August 6th.  Be a part of this wonderful week and help us spread the word.

Each day during Cochlear Implant Awareness Week Olive Devices will post a fun fact about cochlear implants.  Follow @olive_devices on Twitter and Instagram to join in on spreading the joy of innovation.

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