Creating a Family

Week one in our new offices and with our fresh new team is complete.  I am at a loss for words on how to explain the way I have felt this past week.  It has been surreal seeing Olive Devices grow from a few people in a university design studio, to working full time in an office in the clouds in Center City Philadelphia.

The office space and team we have put together have already begun to work their magic. We’ve increased the amount of accomplishments we’ve been able to make, goals are being set, and my personal favorite, tasks are getting checked off.  I’ve always been pretty ambitious (hence starting a company at 22) but the goals I have been setting are getting surpassed by this team.  Time to start setting my goals even higher! One of the wonderful speakers I heard at Viva Technology said, 

If you’re accomplishing more than 50 percent of your goals, your goals aren’t high enough.

We are a team that reaches for the stars, but we are having fun and building relationships while doing it! Being a small team with a lot passion, we have to be sure to stay healthy and fueled. Each day we spend our lunch time together sharing stories and getting to know each other.

Our Core Values at Olive Devices are:

Caring About People - both our customers and our team

Hard Work & Passion

Dignity & Honesty

We believe that we are a team and by pursuing these values, we’ll be able to impact the world with our actions and our products.  When Yashira and I looked through the amazing group of candidates we received, not only did we make sure their talents aligned with our needs, but we made sure their passions aligned with our desire to create impact.

Before we started together, I asked them all basic questions on their strengths, weaknesses and passions.  I also asked everyone what their favorite charities were.  At Olive Devices we are going to make a difference with what we’re creating, but we are also dedicated to interacting with people and physically helping them in any way we can.  We are dedicating one day of every month to helping one of our favorite charities. We have not planned our first community outing and would love for (any) some suggestions.

As we go through this journey we’re doing it together.  We are building a team culture that is dedicated to creating an impact while loving the way we work and who we’re working with. We are an #OliveFamily and we are working in harmony to plant a seed that will grow into a great big olive family tree.

Stay Motivated,

Renee Kakareka

Renee Kakareka