Give Back with 'A Case Made for Good' - DonorDotz #OliveCares

At Olive Devices, we love supporting and promoting other charities and start-ups that work to make a positive impact on the community.  #OliveCares is all about getting those voices heard! For our first #OliveCares post, we want to recognize DonorDotz, a stylish way to help fund and show off your favorite nonprofit organizations. Founded by Kurt Van Moll, this B-Corp allows donors to earn physical “Donor Dots,” small circular logos of nonprofit organizations, to place in slots on a sleek phone case. Reminiscent of boy scout badges, the Donor Dots are interchangeable and collectible. Now you can bring awareness to the causes you care about while showcasing your giving personality right on the back of your phone! 

Wish you could give your favorite cause special attention? Bronze, Silver, and Gold level donations impact the level of assistance your organizations can receive. Currently, DonorDotz has six partner organizations to choose from and are working to expand their selection.

Their partners include:
Roots Tribe Yoga
Pennsylvania Resources Council
Thrive Networks
The WaWa Foundation
Sierra Club
World Wildlife Organization

If you are interested in securing a custom Donor Dot for your nonprofit organization, you can send an inquiry at the bottom of this page

Love expressing your support for new charities and startups? Remember to hashtag #OliveCares if you like one of the organizations you discover here!

“Lead by example, start a chain reaction.”