How Can #FreeBell Fit Into Your Life?

An early model of what #FreeBell might look like. (Photo Credit: Renee Kakareka)

An early model of what #FreeBell might look like. (Photo Credit: Renee Kakareka)

As the Olive Devices team works hard to make #FreeBell a reality, we thought all of our readers would appreciate some reflection on what the end result of all our hard work will look like. That end result is a product that we believe will truly make a positive impact and improve the lives of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. Over the next few weeks we wanted to write about three key areas where we see FreeBell making an impact in the near and slightly farther future. FreeBell is still a work in progress, but these are some of the goals that we are working towards everyday.

One of the original reasons Renee designed FreeBell was to help deaf and hard of hearing people talk in small groups. In noisy environments this is not technologically possible yet, but that is the goal OliveDevices is working towards everyday. Renee later learned a lot a friend of hers from elementary school who is also Deaf. This friend talked about how she had a hard time getting interested in school and receiving all the information she needed through both English and ASL. Renee has always loved learning and believed in the importance of equality in education. She knew this was an area that could use some improvement.

Education is one of the biggest areas that can benefit from innovation. 75% of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students are mainstreamed, and if they do not get the support they need they can fall behind. FreeBell’s audio localization and transcription provide many benefits from kindergarten all the way through college. They will also look incredibly stylish while doing so, which as we can all remember from our younger years is very important to students.

FreeBell can also provide benefits in the workplace. The benefits from FreeBell are not just restricted to the classroom. In the future as the technology matures we can see FreeBell helping Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees better participate in meetings, conferences, presentations and other workplace settings.

As FreeBell is used in these more controlled environments, we want to use what we learn to make it even better. As we grow and gain the resources to develop better technology we want our devices get better. This means moving from just controlled environments to being able to handle more chaos, such as the always crazy Thanksgiving dinner (more on that in a future blog post).

This is an overview of some of the major places that we want FreeBell to be able to help. It has the potential to empower Deaf and Hard of Hearing people and to fit in their lives no matter how they communicate currently. Over the next several weeks we will be diving deeper into each of the scenarios we talked about today and how we think FreeBell will be able to help. If you do not want to miss that post be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or on Google Plus!



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