New Year's Update

New prototypes on their way

We have been hard at work on new CAD files for usability testing sessions coming in January. All feedback is appreciated. If you want to get involved please follow the link below.

New Wireframes!

We've been busy planning out our applications that will pair with our mobile application - starting with the web app. Below are wireframes that show how these apps could potentially be structured.

If you are interested in providing your feedback please continue to the bottom of the page.

Wireframe 1

WireFrame 1 - Olive Devices

Wireframe 2

Wireframe 2 - Olive Devices

Wireframe 3

Wireframe 3 - Olive Devices

Wireframe 4

Wireframe 4 - Olive Devices
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Our Goals for 2017

2017 is shaping up to be a big year for OliveDevices. In January we are planning to continue work on our "looks-like" models to narrow down the best design for our wearable technology. We are also going to start usability testing to make sure FreeBell is intuitive and functional. Then in February we are planning to move from looks-like models to "works-like" models, which will include some of the functionality of the finished product. Then on February 15th, OliveDevices will have its first birthday! As the work on FreeBell progresses we hope to move into the second round of usability testing.

In April we hope to start combining the looks-like and works-like models into a prototype that looks and works more like the finished product. As this happens we also plan to start prototyping the applications that make up the other component of FreeBell. Then in June and August we will start putting prototypes through the manufacturing process and conducting pilot testing with small groups. Our goal is that by late 2017 we will launch FreeBell out into the world!

Throughout all of this we want to continue growing the OliveFamily both in management areas such as operations, financial, and marketing, as well as in software and electrical engineering. If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, check out our career page! We are also working on different funding methods, including crowdfunding, SEED rounds, and competitions. Keep checking our blog to stay up to date with us as we go through our best year yet!


happy new year!