Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Olive Devices Supporters!

We hope you are having a great holiday season and spreading holiday cheer. My favorite part of this time of year is spending time with my family and seeing everyone in one place. Whether you have a six hour drive, a four hour plane ride, or your family is traveling to join you, be grateful for your family this holiday season and get rid of the phrase ‘are we there yet’.

Sing a song

One fun thing my sisters and I used to do were sing Christmas carols on the way home from my aunt’s house Christmas eve. One year we even joked about being an a’ Capella group. Here’s a challenge for you this holiday season, try learning a holiday song in sign language. When I was in elementary school we had a holiday concert before we left for break. Some of the songs we would learn were Jingle Bells and Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeers.

Here’s some references to learn how to sign these songs today!

Jingle Bells



Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer




And there’s the cookies…

Another wonderful part of this season is baking. Yesterday I started all my baking. I raised the volume on the Holiday music, preheated the oven and got to baking. Since I can’t have a lot of processed sugars or grains I bake strictly Paleo. I enjoy finding new recipes and seeing what I can make. This year I made Paleo Gingerbread Cookies and prepared Paleo Buttercream to decorate them with later tonight. The other two cookies I made for this year are no bake. This made my life a lot easier (and I didn’t have to stay up past midnight to wait for the oven J ).

Baking has always been a great past time. Being Italian, my mom and sisters and I would bake dozens of cookies for the holidays. Now that I can’t eat any of the flours we used to use I could not skip this part of the season and am very grateful that there are many people out there making new recipes every day for people with different food intolerances.

No matter if you're intolerant, allergic, or eat clean, there’s always a way to enjoy the holiday season without having to give up the things you love.



Don’t forget ‘tis the season for giving’

Since we were kids we’ve always been excited to make our Christmas list and hope that Santa would bring us all the gifts at the top of our list. But think about how great it feels to give a gift that someone loves. I love buying presents that I think will surprise my family and friends. Seeing the look on their face when they open these gifts it’s very exciting for me to wait for them to open their presents.

Happy Holidays!

Renee Kakareka
Founder & Chief Olive