#OliveProgress Progress Update - December 02, 2016

Progress update 12/2/16

Over the past week we created first generation prototypes, a demo of our sound localization technology, and traveled back to Philadelphia.

Adrien and Sifei have been hard at work working on our sound localization demo. In the video below is our user interface that will be refined to test our sound localization algorithms with real time audio files. This is not the display that will be used in the finished product but is a method to simply test what we have created.

The gallery of photos below are some new models made from simple materials like clay, store bought chains, and other jewelry making materials. These models were used to determine a form that we can refine. We need our design to be able to work with someone that wears a hearing aid, cochlear implant, or glasses. It also needs to be comfortable and durable, but not stick out when someone is wearing it.


We found that with our currently available technology, we can get the product to be small but it needs to be comfortable and close to the body to get the results that we want.


Our next steps will be to coordinate these models into CAD (computer aided design) files so that we can 3D print, easily modify, and quickly replicate new models. Once we have these 3D prints we will need groups of people to try the prototypes and give us their feedback on what they like and don’t like so that we can continue to refine and determine the best product form for the wearer, the environment, and all other factors affected by the product.


Lastly, Renee and Nate attended the IMPACT conference hosted by the Philadelphia Association (PACT). The conference was a great experience and we learned a lot. Renee presented in the Early Stage Companies raising capital on Wednesday (11/30) of the event. We are gearing up to raise our first round but we have more product development to do before we can effectively do so. The feedback we received with help with this preparation while we continue product development and prepare fundraising documentation.


Other highlights of the conference were Michelle Peluso, the Chief Marketing Officer of IBM, and Adam Grant, the Author of Originals, a professor at The Warton School of UPenn, and a New York Times Writer. Michelle had a great keynote and it really spoke to me discussing the importance of the user in our product development. As an industrial designer I have learned to approach problems by knowing very little about the topic to think out of the box about how the user would want to interact with the product. I do all the research I can to learn about the problem, and then reach related, yet unrelated topics in Biomimetic principles and beyond.

Adam Grant, I realized I had heard speak in a TED radio hour podcast a little while back and his presentation gave me a lot of perspective in finding and building a great team and creating a positive team culture where we are all able to work together.

Our team has done a great job at building this culture already but as we grow and build our team it will be even more essential to learn the psychology of learning about people, managing people, and building an effective environment. 

We are looking forward to giving you more progress reports in the weeks to come! 

Thank you for your support!