#OliveCares: Raising a City of Readers - Philadelphia Reads

Photo Credit: Daniel Fooks

Photo Credit: Daniel Fooks

Reading is one of the most important activities a child can do, it can open a huge amount of knowledge, or allow for escape into a wonderful fantasy land. That’s what makes the organization featured in this week’s #OliveCares so important. Many children in Philadelphia might not have access to books at home or at school. Philadelphia Reads aims to change this. Their mission is to raise “a city of readers” and help children read at grade level by the time they reach fourth grade.

Philadelphia Reads has created a Book Bank in order to provide more books to schools who may not otherwise be able to afford them. This allows educators in the city to receive up to 350 books a year, as well as additional classroom supplies for an annual membership of only $20. This makes a whole world of difference for children, as well as their educators.

Philadelphia Reads also has a program called Reading is Love, which is geared to encourage “on-the-go” parents to read to their children everyday. To do this they have partnered with local illustrators, schools, and universities such as University of the Arts and Chestnut Hill College. Together they create fun and engaging stories that only take five minutes to read and are completely free!

The “Summer Slide” has challenged educators and parents since the beginning of time, especially in low-income areas. This is where students lose some of the literacy and educational progress over the Summer when school is out. Philadelphia Reads combats this by offering the Summer Reads program. It’s a six week literacy program where students are placed in classrooms with trained teachers daily to help students prepare for the next school year and avoid the slide.

To learn more about Philadelphia Reads, its programs, or to look at opportunities to volunteer and donate check out their website here!



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