#OliveSavvy: Stopping Sexual Assault with the Push of a Button - Athena (ROAR For Good)

Photo Credit: roarforgood.org

Photo Credit: roarforgood.org

Every 109 seconds, an American is a victim of sexual assault, according to rainn.org. In fact, 1 out of every 5 American women has experienced a form of rape in her lifetime. Sexual assault is a serious issue and one that is frightening to think about. But for this week’s #OliveSavvy post, we want to highlight a device that is helping to change things and “create a world where everyone feels safe and empowered.”

Athena is a wearable device designed to prevent sexual assaults at the touch of a button. As part of the ROAR for Good mission, Athena acts as a deterrent by helping ward off an attack and instantly calling for help. When activated, Athena emits an alarm and sends text messages with the wearer’s location to loved ones. It has two modes - one for emergencies and one for discreet situations. The Alarm Mode is recommended for threatening situations and triggered by holding down the button for three seconds. An 85 decibel sound (similar to a fire alarm) will go off, LED lights will shine, and emergency contacts will be immediately alerted. SilentRoar is for times of discomfort or worry, sending a message to contacts after 3 or more taps.


Photo Credit: roarforgood.org

Photo Credit: roarforgood.org

Athena can be worn in multiple ways. It can easily be tucked away in a bag, fastened around the waist, or even worn boldly as a necklace. Silver, black, and rose gold colors are available for the small, lightweight device.

Since Athena is part of the ROAR for Good movement, a portion of proceeds goes toward educational programs set on decreasing violence and increasing empathy. Ten percent from their crowdfunding campaign will be invested in “raising awareness about warning signs of abuse and helping end relationship violence” through partnership with the One Love Foundation.

Co-Founder and CEO Yasmine Mustafa spent six months solo-trekking across South America where she met many victims of sexual assault. Upon returning to Philadelphia, she learned of a woman nearby who was raped in a parking lot while trying to feed her parking meter. It was at that moment that Yasmine and co-founder Anthony Gold made a commitment to leverage their skills, resources, and energy to make a difference.

Mustafa also started Girl Develop It in Philadelphia, a non-profit set on empowering women to learn web skills. She is also part of the board of Coded By Kids, which helps teach young people to code. Just last week, she won the Technologist of the Year at the Geek AwardsMustafa is a great example of a leader who uses tech and care to create change.

Athena recognizes that women should not need to alter their lifestyle, modify their behavior, or carry self-defense devices to protect themselves. It not only provides a helpful piece of tech that can save lives, but also focuses on making societal change, which is key in stopping such an important problem in this country. As their website states, “We don’t want to just put a bandaid on the problem. In addition to the jewelry, we are committed to getting to the root causes of these attacks.

The Athena line of jewelry is the first product, and will be shipping out early January! They want to also introduce additional designs and styles and, as technology evolves, develop even smaller devices that can be embedded directly into clothing, footwear and phone cases. The goal is to create safety for everyone with one push.



Molly Oretsky